Improving Your Smile

Dr Eric Burton, Columbia, MO Dentist

Whatever your dental concerns may be, Dr Eric Burton is the Columbia, MO DColumbia, MO Dentistentist with a focus on your smile.

Whether you are seeking a Columbia, MO dentist for tooth pain or just because you want to look your best, Dr Eric Burton and the entire staff at Accent Dental are committed to helping you understand your options and make your smile all it can be.  By focusing on continuing education of the latest techniques and technologies, Dr Burton is uniquely qualified to present you with an variety of options to help you make informed decisions about your oral health needs.  As a Columbia, MO dentist, Dr Burton wants to help you feel confident about your smile.  The entire staff at Accent Dental want to help you redefine your thoughts about visiting the dentist by making it as comfortable and relaxing as possible.  Advanced knowledge and a caring staff are the reason why so many of Accent Dental’s patients refer Dr Burton to their friends seeking a Columbia, MO dentist.

From advanced teeth whitening procedures to tooth restoration, Dr Burton excels as a Columbia, MO dentist improving the smile of his patients.  Rather than simply performing procedures, the team at Accent Dental will work with you to develop a game plan to make your smile as bright as possible.  On the Accent Dental website, patients can read about a variety of procedures offered by Dr Burton and even view videos addressing many common concerns.  Dr Burton even dedicates a section of the website to answering your common dental questions.  This commitment to education and helping his patients make informed decisions makes Dr Burton stand out amongst Columbia, MO dentists.

Beyond simply improving your smile, Dr Burton is a Columbia, MO dentist committed to improving your oral health.  The medical field has proven the correlation between gum disease and a myriad of medical conditions including heart disease, lung disease, and low birth weight.  Gum disease has also been shown to complicate the effects of diabetes.  By taking a comprehensive approach to oral health, a Columbia, MO dentist can lessen the risk of these major ailments.  This is in addition to the more immediate concerns of better breath, a brighter smile, and even making food taste better.  By being a Columbia, MO dentist that addresses complete oral health, Dr Burton can improve your health and enjoyment of life in a number of ways.

Dr Burton and the entire staff of Accent Dental welcome you in your search for the right Columbia, MO dentist.  They are committed to educating you on improving your smile and your overall health.  Take some time to learn answers to some common dental questions and contact the team at Accent Dental to schedule an appointment.  After your first visit, you will know why at Accent Dental their accent is on your smile.

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