Dr Eric Burton, Columbia, MO Dentist

Columbia, MO dentist

Dr Eric Burton DDS, FAGD, is the premier Columbia, MO dentist dedicated to general dentistry including teeth whitening, veneers, fillings, oral hygiene, cavity prevention, crowns, bridges, and braces.

Dr Burton is recognized by his patients as their choice for a Columbia, MO dentist.  Dr Burton’s practice, Accent Dental, is staffed by a team of caring professionals who work to improve your smile using the latest techniques to provide the most pain free dentistry possible.  Whether you need a simple teeth cleaning from a Columbia, MO dentist or more significant dental work, the staff at Accent Dental can provide you the care and concern you want from a  dental team.  Dr Burton even offers his services as an emergency dentist in Columbia, MO.  The staff at Accent Dental can address the dental problems you face and get you back on track to the healthy smile you want.

Dr Burton is committed to being the Columbia, MO dentist that provides his patients with all the information they need to make the most informed decision possible about their dental health.  The Accent Dental website provides a wealth of information for those considering a dentist in Columbia, MO.  Dr. Burton is able to provide this service because he is  truly committed to staying up to date on the latest advances in dentistry.  While a Columbia, MO dentist is only required to complete 50 hours of continuing education every two years, Dr. Burton completes over 150 hours of continuing education every year.  This affords him a level of knowledge that his patients trust when looking for a dentist in Columbia, MO.

Accent Dental features the latest in dental technology to make your visit a pleasant one.  From digital dental x-rays to tooth restorations, this technology will make your visit to a Columbia, MO dentist far more pain free.  Accent Dental is home to one of the few CEREC® machines in Mid-Missouri.  This means that Dr Burton can often craft your crowns, veneers, and inlays while you are in his office.  This investment in technology can often prevent you from needing multiple visits or sometimes painful temporary devices.  This commitment to convenience is just another reason Dr Burton is considered by his patients to be the premier Columbia, MO dentist.

Dr Burton and the staff at Accent Dental want to make a fan out of you as well.  Schedule an appointment to find out why so many people choose Dr Burton when looking for a Columbia, MO dentist.  From the comfortable office and caring staff  to the advanced knowledge and latest technology;  come in to find out why so many patients choose Dr Burton for their Columbia, MO Dentist.


Accent Dental Center is a general dentistry practice. Cosmetic dentistry, implantology, and tooth whitening are specialty areas not recognized by the American Dental Association that require no specific educational training to advertise these services. The following dentists in this practice are not licensed in Missouri as specialists in the advertised dental specialty of Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics, Orthodontics, or Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Eric Burton, DDS